A Silent Voice Second Theaters Run!

A Silent Voice Second Theaters Run!

Earlier this year the Anime Movie A Silent Voice came out in Theaters for a limited run in February of this year. And starting today you can get tickets to see it again in January of next year. On the 28th for subtitle and the 31st for dub.

This movie is great. It follows Shoya Ishida, a young boy who thought it would be fun to bully a new girl in class name Shoko Nishimiya. With Shoko being deaf she starts trying to make friends with her class mates by introducing herself using her notebook. Unlike most shows, that would show the world from the view of Shoko, the bullied girl, A Silent Voice Point of View is from Shoya. He wasn't alone in his actions but the entire weight of what had happen fell to him. Living him from being the most popular to an outcast around the people he thought was his friends.

While a bit longer then our normal standard movie, I thought this film was quite the gem.  The animation really step up to the plate. It needed to for this movie to work. Facial expressions goes a long way in communicating the feelings of someone who can't express themselves verbally. It is also returned when others try to communicate with her. Although the story focus on Shoya and Shoko  the supporting cast is also great. A must watch movie Tokyo Anime Award Festival gave it Anime Of the Year (Movie). The movie also won a number of rewards in Anime UK Reader’s Choice Awards. The List include Best Movie, Best Soundtrack, Best New Male and Best New Female, but was second place in Best Release.

You can pick up tickets to watch A Silent Voice in Theaters Here

The Movie was based after a manga by the same name which you can find Here

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