Date for My Hero Academia Session 4

Date for My Hero Academia Session 4

A bit of good news and a bit of bad news for those of us waiting for the next installment of the popular Anime, My Hero Academia. Near the end of Session 3 they announce that Session 4 was coming in Shonen Jump Magazine. Good news, we have a date, bad news is we got to wait. We now know it will start October 2019. Although I must say, it's better to wait then for them to rush it. I remember the end of Tokyo Ghoul session 1 setting up for some epic scenes. For the second Session to come up with a reason for all that setup to go to waste.

What is the Show about? It's based in a world like ours except for the appearance of quirks, which are kind of like super powers. Now 4 out of 5 people has some sort of ability, normally it's element based or shape shifting type. The focus of the story is about Izuku Midoriya. A person who goal is to become a Hero. Although when our story start he is quirkless.

If you wanted to pick up in the manga instead of waiting the chapter that the manga ends at is 124, this is about half way though volume 14 of the manga. You can pick up the volume 14 of the manga Here

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