The New 2019 Fruits Baskets Anime

The New 2019 Fruits Baskets Anime

I remember back when I was in college I herd about it. The year was around 2005 back in Texas. First the first time I hear if people folding cranes to make a wish. I think I seen it in an anime before then but I didn't think people was still doing such a thing. Well I guess it wasn't unanime related. The wish? For a second session of I show I didn't watch before then.  While I remember these things I wouldn't had been able to name the show they was hoping for even though I had watched it since then.  Of course you can tell by the title we are talking about the Anime Fruits Basket.

Funimation wanted it, I mean REALLY wanted it. Not just any company would rally the fans for such a thing. Casually reminding us in their blog While it's not a second session they are starting over with plans to cover the entire manga story.  it has been 13 years since the Cranes and a crazy 17 years since the last episode came out back in 2001. I'm happy to hear they are going to be able to help bring it to america. 

 The Manga author Natsuki Takaya did make some requests to start the anime project.
"One of those was to do it with a completely new team. Completely new. Every single person. I told [the producers], if you want to open the curtain again, then please make it all new. Please rebuild the Furuba world from scratch, with new everything. Another request was to not make the art look too much like my art. This was partly because my Furuba art is old now, pure and simple, and also largely because I was in poor health back then (you can find more details about that in the afterword to the Collector’s Edition, if you’re curious), so my drawing was awfully shaky. Because of that, I wanted them to rebuild the art as well."

Sometimes you hear about projects like this and wonder how far they will get, well good news is that they already have a advertisement out. 

Watch the Ad: Here

You can watch the Original: Here

You can buy the Original: Here

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