DVD Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu Vol 1

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Episodes 1-3

As a reworking of the anime series Full Metal Panic!, Fumoffu follows its predecessor's basic fish-out-of-water premise with the same zany blend of action and comedy. But while popular teenage schoolgirl Kaname Chidori is still being protected from the machinations of an evil terrorist organization by undercover secret agent Sousuke Sagara, this time around the emphasis is on the series' comedic, rather than action-oriented, elements. The main thrust of the comedy stems from the military-trained Sagara's inability to blend into normal teenage society, his overzealous protection of Kaname (everything from impromptu gunfights to poorly-planned explosions), and a strangely sweet romance between the disastrously mismatched couple. This collection presents the anime series in its entirety for a total of 12 episodes.