Manga Trigun Maximum Vol 6

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The bounty on Vash's head has been lifted since he was declared a “natural disaster” by the two insurance ladies, Millie and Meryl, but that's not the end of his troubles. An unmatched gunman, Vash has a mystery locked in his scarred body and a dark past he can't completely remember. Plus, he's also the target of a gang of assassins devoted to another enigmatic character named Knives. Knives knows about Vash's mysterious power, and at the end of Trigun volume two used it to turn Vash's arm into a giant gun that was used to blast a crater into a moon above the planet! Vash has since disappeared from society and has not been seen for a few years.

With Vash's long absence, legends begin to spring up all over about him and there are several Vash imposters showing up trying to lay claim to his legend. But now legend is about to meet reality when the traveling priest known as Wolfwood gets stranded in a seedy bar. The bartender tells him he can't leave because Vash is holding the town hostage. He wonders, can it be the real Vash? Wolfwood is intent on finding out, and events explode that lead him to believe he may have found the real Vash!