C - Control Money of Soul and Possibility Blu-ray/DVD Complete Collection Sealed

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11 Episodes on 2 Disks for blu-ray and 11 Episodes on 2 Disks for DVD. English & Japanese Audio. English Subtitles. TV-14

In this game, you can't afford to lose.
Kimimaro works two jobs to put himself though college. He's handed an end to his check-to-check lifestyle when he's offered a large sum of money to compete in a dangerous game. Kimimaro needs the extra cash, but he'll invest his future as collateral, in the financial district. In This alternate dimension, people wage battles using assets; warriors that protect their masters at all costs. You get wealthier every time you win, but if you lose, it could rob you of your family, your home, or your life. The destructive forces at play between the Financial District and the physical world compel Kimimaro to confront the most powerful man in the game. In this groundbreaking series, find out if the world will survive or disappear from existence.