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King of Thorn S.A.V.E Edition Blu-ray / DVD Combo Sealed

King of Thorn S.A.V.E Edition Blu-ray / DVD Combo Sealed

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Movie on 1 Disk for blu-ray and 1 DVD. English & Japanese Audio. English Subtitles. TV-MA 

Chosen to Live, Force to Survive.

Kazuyoshi Katayama, the director of Appleseed, and the Big O series unleased a violent survival film in which the distinction between dream and reality dissolves.

Panic spreads worldwide as the Medusa Virus - a fatal pandemic that solidfies the body to stone -  threatens to wipe out the human race. 160 infected individuals are selected to be cryogenically frozen while a cure is developed. Kasumi is one of the chosen for the experimental program. Forced to enter without her twin sister, Shizuku, her distress multiplies when she awaken to find the facility overrun with thick thorny vines and ravenous monsters. As Kasumi and six others fight a losing battle to escape this labyrinth nightmare, questions cloud her distorted mind. Where is her sister? Why did their only salvation mutate into a deathtrap? If they survive, how much longer do they have to live? 

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