Manga Chronicles of the Cursed Sword Vol 2

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In the 'Era of the Warring States', Emperor Moosunje has gotten his hands on a powerful sword, known as the PaChun. The PaChun absorbs the blood of humans and gives its wielder amazing power rival only... to the power of its counterpart- the PaSa. The owner of the PaSa, Rey Yan, is, unknowingly, part of a plot devised by the demonic Prime Minister Shiyan and his brother to overthrow the Demon Emperor, lest he becomes the Grand Emperor of Heavenly Destruction and gains control over all three realms. After Emperor Moosunje proves incapable of controlling the PaChun, Prime Minister Shiyan kidnaps Jaryoon, King of Hahyun to receive the sword. Jaryoon, normally a kind and just leader,is transformed into a monster whose mission it is to conquer and 'unite' all the neighboring kingdoms and make Rey Yan suffer.