No Game No Life Zero DVD Sealed

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1 Movie on 1 Disk. English/Japanese/Spanish Audio. English/Spanish Subtitles. TV-MA

History may repeat itself ... But there's a first time for everything.

6,000 years before Sora and hiro rocked up the world of Disboard, black rain falls fromthe sky and multiple species fight a desperate battle for survival, Constantly caught in the crossfire between the more powerful magical races, Humanity is on the edge of extinction, always on the retreat. But amidst the chaos and destryction, one young man,Riku, has a vision of a better future. And the first step towards achieving that goal comes in a dead city, where he encounters Schwi, an exiled female android who seeks to know one thing: what it is to have a human heart. The mysterious past of the world of Disboard is unveiled and the ultimate game begins in the spectacular prequel to the hit TV series, NO GAME, NO LIFE ZERO!