Sakura Trick DVD Complete Collection Sealed

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12 Episodes on 2 Disks. Japanese Audio. English Subtitles. TV-14

What's The Secret To A Great Friendship? Haruka and Yuu's Lips Aren't Just Sealed, They're Lip-Locked!

Haruka and Yuu have been best friends forever and they've always sat next to each other. But on their first day of high school, the seating plan has them on opposite sides of the class! So, since everyone knows that long distance relationships won't work unless the parties involved put extra effort into it, they decided to do something special to seal their friendship. However, kissing each other awakens a whole new level of feelings, and it doesn't help that some of their classmates seem to be "involved" as well. So what's a girl to do when her best girl friend suddenly seems more like a girlfriend? It's a lesson that the school curriculum isn't normally prepared to teach, so our two heroines are about to get a private education you'll never forget! discover the truth about the birds and the ... birds, as two young ladies learn to deal with the pros and cons of intramural osculation in SAKURA TRICK!