She,The Ultimate Weapon Complete Collection DVD Sealed

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13 Episodes on 3 Disks. English/Japanese Audio. English Subtitles. TV-MA

Winning a war ... may cost her humanity ...

Not every solder wants to fight. Not every weapon wants to be used. But when an unexpected force attacks their city, the hopes and dreamons of students Shuji and Chise are shattered by the fires of war. Surviving the bombing after a mysterious defender decimates the attackers, Shuji always known. Changed and twisted by military experiments, And even worst, though they both fight to deny it, the things that made her the person she was are slowly beginning to fade away. Can a human soul exist inside a device that was created to kill? And canany heart continue to feel love for something that is only a shell of the person it once was? The question will be answered as a young schoolgirl is transformed into the ultimate engine of mass destruction in SHE- THE ULTIMATE WEAPON!