Hatenkou Yugi DVD Complete Collection Sealed

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10 Episodes on 2 Disks. Japanese Audio. English Subtitles. TV-14

Every Life Takes Some Odd Twists And Turns, But Few Are As Odd And Twisted As This One

When most parents decide that their children need to see more of the world, they send their offspring on cruises or vacations.  Rahzel Anadis's father simply kicks her out of the house with little more than the clothes on her back, the tiny hat on her head, and her stuffed bear with a blindfold.  Being as resourceful as she is quirky, however, Rahzel quickly manages to recruit two tall, dark, and dangerous gentlemen as traveling companions.  Well, tall and dark describes the oversexed Baroqueheat, while the moodier Alzeid is tall and pale.  Though exactly how these brooding bad boys benefit from the arrangement is a bit less clear; especially since Rahzel spends the money they make performing perilous missions as fast as they've earned it.  Could it be her endless optimism and quest for fun that has them bedazzled?  Or is the connection something literally more magical?  Whatever the reason, if there's an odd job to be done, the odds are that they'll take it in HATENKOU YUGI!