Hayate the Combat Butler The Movie Heaven is a Place on Earth DVD Sealed

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Movie on 1 Disk. Japanese Audio. English Subtitles. TV-14

He's Being Groomed For A Different Fate ... While She's Having A Brush With Destiny!
It's no understatement to say that the stormy relationship between Nagi and her butler Hayate is often the result of the fact that they see things from entirely different social perspectives. However, when Nagi decides to bring Hayate, her maid Maria, and their friends to a secluded vacation retreat, our star-crossed couple soon find themselves seeing things from completely conflicting realities! In a bizarre turn of fate, Hayate finds himself in a world where his mistress is Maria, and Nagi no longer seems to exist! Meanwhile, Nagi is having her own problems, trapped in an amusement park of doom! What's going on and how does this relate to a mysterious silver-haired woman who seems to hold the key to everything? It's nothing like they've ever seen before as both their worlds are turned on their heads in HAYATE THE COMBAT BUTLER - HEAVEN IS A PLACE ON EARTH!