Is the Order a Rabbit? Season 1 Blu-ray Complete Collection Sealed

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12 Episodes on 1 Disk. Japanese Audio. English Subtitles. TV-PG

There's Something Bunny Going On At The Rabbit House ...

Coming to a new town to start high school can be intimidating, and that's especially true for Cocoa, who can't find the place she's supposed to be staying. When she stops at a cafe to ask for directions, it turns out that she's already where she need to be! The Rabbit House is where Cocoa will be working along with the owner's granddaughter, Chino and the strangely military-obsessed Rize. It's a great place to work, business is hopping, and Cocoa fits right in with her new coworkers, as well as the girls from two other rival cafes. Still, there IS something just a little odd about the Rabbit House ... particularly the shop's pet rabbit, Tippy. The answer to the cafe's secrets may not always be hare-raising, but they're bound to keep Cocoa jumping as the fun never stops in IS THE ORDER A RABBIT?