La Corda d'Oro Blue Sky DVD Complete Collection Sealed

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12 Episodes on 2 Disks for DVD. Japanese Audio. English Subtitles. TV-PG

Play With Conviction - Feel With Your Heart
And Set Your Sight On The Stars

For years Kanade Kohinata has been considered a musical prodigy, but in her sophomore year of high school, the young violinist has found herself adrift and unable to regain her creative focus. All that changes, however, when childhood frind Ritsu Kisaragi insist that Kanade and his younger brother Kyouya, also a violinist, both transfer to the prestigious Seiso Academy, where Ritsu rules the orchestra club. The introduction of two new violinists is certain a cause of friction, however, as the super-competitive club is in contention for the National Championships. Kanade and Kyouya are going to find their skills pressed to the limit as they attempt to prove that they belong. Amist the fire of competition, Kanade may find herself kindling more then just passion for music, as a dozen different young men may be competing for her heart as well! Music and passion combine as a young woman rediscover her muse in La Corda d'Oro ~ Blue Sky~