Place to Place Blu-ray Complete Collection Sealed

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12 Episodes + OVA on 2 Disks for Blu-ray. Japanese Audio. English Subtitles. TV-14

When you're more than just friends, but not quite a couple ...
Where do you go from there?

Everyone has a close circle of friends, but within that circle some are closer than others. In fact, some friends get a little too close, and the line between friends and more than friends gets blurry fast. Such is the relationship between Io and Tsumiki. Tall, easy-going Io is seemingly oblivious to short-tempered and short-statured Tsukimi’s affections. But despite his cluelessness, at times he's almost too affectionate to handle! To add to the confusion, their prankster friends Mayoi and Sakaki cause them trouble at every turn. Then there’s Hime, the fifth member of the gang, who’s too busy with her head in the clouds. With nowhere to turn, it’s up to Tsumiki to figure out if her friendship with Io is something more, but will she feel the sting of rejection, or something much sweeter? Love or something like it is in the air in PLACE TO PLACE!